Study Name: Phoenix

female no smoking


Increased referral bonus, you can now earn up to $500 per referral

Healthy female postmenopausal

Moderate to severe hot flashes

Age 40 - 65


1 in-house stay, lasting 17 days/16 nights and 1 follow up phone call.

Spaulding Clinical is currently looking for healthy female postmenopausal volunteers experiencing moderate to severe hot flashes, between the ages of 40 and 65, to participate in a research study consisting of 1 in-house stay, lasting 17 days/16 nights with 1 follow up phone call in West Bend, Wisconsin. Those who qualify and complete the study may be eligible to receive payment of up to $10,705 for study-related time and travel.

Call 800.597.4507 today to volunteer and receive information regarding participation dates.