Study Name: Tarzan

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  • requirements
Healthy Male and Female
Ages: 18-50
BMI: 18.5-33   Calculate Your BMI
  • screening dates

All screening dates posted and updated are based on the total number of subjects needed to meet each study enrollment.

This includes screening dates published and listed within any Cohorts, Groups, More Info., etc. listed on this page.


3 in-house stays, each lasting 23 days/22 days.

Be part of a clinical research study and help advance the potential cures of tomorrow. 

Spaulding Clinical is currently looking for healthy male and female volunteers between the ages of 18 and 50, who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) between 18.5 and 33 to participate in a research study consisting of 3 in-house stays, each lasting 23 days/22nights in West Bend, Wisconsin. Those who qualify and complete the study may be eligible to receive payment of up to $31,170 for study related time and travel.

Call 800.597.4507 today to volunteer!

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P1 check-in: Thursday, September 1

P1 check out: Friday, September 23

P2 check-in: Thursday, October 13

P2 check out: Friday, November 4

P3 check-in: Thursday, November 24

P3 check out: Friday, December 16

P1 check-in: Saturday, September 3

P1 check out: Sunday, September 25

P2 check-in: Saturday, October 15

P2 check out: Sunday, November 6

P3 check-in: Saturday, November 26

P3 check out: Sunday, December 18